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Do you have news to share? Hear about something we haven’t? Let us know, so we can spread the knowledge to all educators, students and parents alike. Help us at the Education Forum help others who are eager to learn more. We are always open to receiving new and diverse content via our readers to share.


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Are you a teacher with years of experience in the field? Or perhaps you are a student and member of a faculty committee trying to improve the lives of your fellow students? We welcome any advice that can benefit the community.


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Has any of our tips changed your life for the better or enabled you to make an informed decision? Then we would love to hear your success stories. Our site is not only to educate but also to inspire people and allow others to get a more positive outlook on gambling education. Contact us today if you would like us to tell your story.


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There are many events, conferences and even open days happening all the time. If you or your institution is holding one, let us know. We will spread the news to the right audience to help achieve the best turnout.

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