Should Schools Include Gambling Education in Their Curriculum?

Gambling has caused a lot of controversy around the world. Many believe it is the start of people’s downfall when things go wrong. Imagine you are a teenager going through puberty and trying to figure life out with a dash of gambling addiction on the side.

That’s right, New Zealand’s secondary school students are more likely to battle with a gambling problem than you would think.  A study was done a few years ago proving proof that adolescents are more prone to experiment with gambling first before drugs, alcohol and sexual activities.

It starts more informally by betting against friends and slowly progressing further to more formal modes. According to a study done by Derevensky and Gupta, approximately 80% of adolescents have reported having gambled during the previous year.

In 2016 a program was held by an independent education charity in the UK called Demos. The purpose of this was to educate students on the risks of gambling and also to teach them how to identify and overcome issues related to gambling.

They reported that about a year after the program a substantial number of students who gambled with friends with card play had dropped down by 7%. More importantly there was a huge difference in the number of students who knew how to help others who were struggling with a gambling addiction.

The founder of Demos has been pushing for gambling education to be implemented in schools for more than 10 years though and so far, the government is still working on it.

According to a survey prepared for New Zealand’s Ministry of Health in 2011 and 2012,more than 50% of adults over the age of 15 years have gambled in the previous 12months.

When narrowed down to young adults aged between 15 and 24 approximately 32% of those have gambled in the last year before the survey took place. An estimated 3% of adults were suffering from the negative effects of gambling.

Figures show that gambling addiction often goes hand in hand with those who are poorly educated and struggle with other personal problems, such as alcohol and tobacco abuse.

Although the figures aren’t drastic it can be lowered. Demos’ idea of gambling education in schools is one that should be considered to lower and prevent issues of gambling addiction in your adolescent child.

To keep updated on the status and new developments regarding gambling in teenagers be sure to visit Education Forum regularly.

It is no secret that gambling can wreak havoc in our personal lives and those around us. If you or a loved one are struggling with a gambling addiction, seek help now.

We advise that you seek professional help but should you struggle to find any, you are more than welcom tocontact usand we will assist you with finding the right help for you.

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